41-year-old PM captain dies victim of covid-19 in Jequié – Jornal CORREIO


                                Policeman had been hospitalized at the Hospital Geral Prado Valadares since May 5


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                                    <div class="noticias-single__content__text js-mediator-article" itemprop="articleBody">
                                        <p class="bodytext">Another military police officer dies a victim of the covid-19 in Bahia. The fourth victim was PM captain Marcelo de Souza Moura, 41, who did not resist and died on Wednesday (20). He had been admitted to the Hospital Geral Prado Valadares, in Jequié, in the southwest of Bahia, since Tuesday (5).</p>

The military was assigned to the Central Independent Policing Specialized Company (CIPE) and had worked in the military police for 21 years. He leaves a wife and a son. There is no information on where the body will be buried. In a note, the PM regrets the death. Sought by the MAIL, the corporation has not yet informed how many police officers have already been killed because of the disease, how many have had confirmed tests and how many are currently on leave.

The first death recorded in the corporation by the disease was that of reserve sergeant Carlos Alberto Nascimento Macedo, 52, who died on April 15, at Hospital Santa Izabel.




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