After disclosure of video, PSL deputies in MS leave in defense of Bolsonaro


After disclosing the content of a meeting held on April 22 by President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) with ministers, PSL deputies in Mato Grosso do Sul used social media to come out in defense of the president. The full text of the meeting came to light on Friday (22), through the STF (Supreme Federal Court) and, along with it, a flood of criticism about the position of the first echelon members and the president himself.

The images show several controversies of Bolsonaro calling governors ‘shit’, ‘manure’ and complaining about the lack of access to intelligence information from the Federal Police. There is also guidance for ministers to ignore the press 100%, even when it comes to official matters.

For Congressman Luiz Ovando (PSL), the ‘video only shows how determined, spontaneous and authentic’ the president is. In a post made at dawn on Saturday (23), the parliamentarian stated that it is people like this that Brazil needs to ‘change the direction that this evil tendency of the left left’. Finally, he says that what you see in the video is Bolsonaro ‘defending the Brazilian citizen’. Among the controversial stretches is the president defending the population to arm themselves to ‘avoid a dictatorship’.

Posted by Luiz Ovando on Friday, May 22, 2020

Also demonstrating on social media, state deputy Captain Contar (PSL), said that the video of the ministerial meeting frustrated the opposition and further strengthened the president. “Bolsonaro in an authentic way and without politiques, reaffirmed his commitments, flags and principles,” he said in a post made this Saturday (23).

Posted by Capitão Contar on Saturday, May 23, 2020

‘Shot in the foot of the opposition’

Outside the PSL staff, the president also found anyone who judged the content to be positive. Even without publicly speaking, state deputy Evander Vendramini (PP) assessed that Bolsonaro remains firm in his convictions.

“In my opinion, the president is on the right path, I did not see facts alleged by the former Minister of Justice, Sérgio Moro, only Bolsonaro fighting inequalities and making an effort to be able to govern with such cowardice from the left that he tries every time to denigrate his image with untruths” , said, in response to Midiamax newspaper. The other state deputies and members of the federal bench were also consulted regarding the repercussion of the video, but most of them have not yet commented on the matter.

Vendramini also said that the President of the Republic, according to the video, tries to strengthen democracy, not giving the opportunity for the left to implement a dictatorship in the country like in Cuba or Venezuela. “Because it was a meeting of ministers in which disclosure was not expected, the image of the president was strengthened by the disclosure, he did not deviate 1 mm from his speech, even in a closed meeting.” The parliamentarian assesses the dismissal of ministers. “Ministers seeking self-promotion were dismissed. There was nothing in the video that Moro talked about. He sought personal promotion, a federal judge who resigned to become a minister had bigger plans. Bolsonaro is strengthened and the disclosure to the opposition was shot in the foot ”, he concluded.

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