After video of ministerial meeting, Datena protests live: “I don’t want to interview the president anymore”


During Brasil Urgente, from Band, last Friday, 22, José Luiz Datena staged a live tantrum for the spectators. This is because the program showed the videos released from the ministerial meeting of the Bolsonaro government, which took place in April.

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At a given moment, Caixa’s president, Pedro Guimarães, states that Band had asked Jair Bolsonaro for money. And it was precisely because of that that Datena’s revolt. Immediately, he interrupted the transmission, and began to rage against the protagonists of the video.

“Here comes the guy at a ministerial meeting with the President of the Republic and says‘ the people at Band want money ’. If you gave money to someone here at Band, Pedro, you indicate who you gave it to ”, said Datena.

“Certainly this person will be fired, if it wasn’t a good thing, if it wasn’t a technical media. And the way you put it has dubious interpretation. Or you prevaricated, and Bolsonaro should send you away today ”.

The ministerial meeting, which took place on April 22, was publicized as proof of Jair Bolsonaro’s interference with the Federal Police. Caixa Econômica President Pedro Guimarães said the issuer had asked the bank for money. Despite this, he did not conclude his speech detailing whether the institution approved the budget for Band or not.


Thus, Datena continued with her live protests, claiming that she would never interview the president again. “Now I refuse to do any commercial for Caixa and this government. I refuse because I’m contractually obliged to read commercials here. I did commercials in the past here from the government because I have to do it ”.

The presenter also detailed that he received 12 thousand reais per share, which totaled four shares. If I didn’t do the commercials, I would break the contract. “I made one for an almost symbolic price of R $ 12 thousand reais”.

“I’m publicly saying that I refuse, knowing that there are people of that quality”, continued. “I refuse to take any action to receive millions of dollars or any action in favor of this government; that I’ve already seen the type of people who run, for example, Caixa Econômica ”.

It is worth remembering that, until then, Datena was in favor of the Bolsonaro government’s actions. He even praised the position of Jair Bolsonaro against social isolation in the pandemic of Covid-19.

“And another thing. Preferably, I no longer want to interview the President of the Republic after such an attitude. I would like the President of the Republic to give an interview to whomever he wanted. With all the respect I have for him and his job. I allow myself never to do an interview with him again ”.

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