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Bolsonaro’s testimony will be the last act of the investigation, which is pending before the Federal Supreme Court (STF). The Attorney General’s Office (PGR) considers that the investigation is from the intermediate phase to the end, and expects the investigation to end within 60 days.

According to the blog, Aras wants to “form a judgment” about the video to speak about the next steps. So far, he has received reports from prosecutors’ assistants who accompanied the video’s showing.

The prosecutor also considers that the testimony of Paulo Marinho was necessary, but considers that the investigation will only use information from the businessman if he reveals new facts.

Aras has said, behind the scenes, that he cannot turn the video “into a carnival”.

President’s cell phone seizure request

The Attorney General of the Republic also looks forward to receiving the request for the seizure of the president’s cell phone, made in news-crimes presented by political parties after former Minister of Justice Sergio Moro left the government accusing Bolsonaro of trying to interfere with the PF. Bolsonaro denies it.

The requests were sent to the PGR by the rapporteur of the inquiry on the subject, Minister Celso de Mello.

At Planalto, the assessment is that Aras will speak out against the request. To interlocutors, the PGR considered that there was “excess of zeal” by Celso de Mello when sending the representation for his manifestation – and that the rapporteur could have filed the representation.

At Planalto, aides to the president adopted the discourse that the video helps Bolsonaro with his voters because it reinforces the personality of the candidate that his base elected.

However, despite minimizing the video as a legal piece, they admit the concern with the incalculable: the post-pandemic scenario, with the number of deaths growing added to unemployment.

For members of the Congress summit heard by the blog, it is exactly the pandemic that will dictate the environment for impeachment. For this reason, they say, today the video is not a “silver bullet” against Bolsonaro. But in the medium term, they do not rule out the impact of the video as part of a politically unsustainable “combo” for Bolsonaro, reinforcing the conditions for the removal of the president.

Aras himself, when asked about the medium-term future, reinforces his advisers that “we are living in a very serious calamity” – and that no one, until now, has given concrete answers to the solution of the crisis.

STF Minister decides to release video of ministerial meeting


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