Baby otter found in the center of Mirandela


Mammal weighed only 111 grams and would have a day or two to live. He was transported to the UTAD Veterinary Hospital, in Vila Real.

A baby otter was found inside a sanitation cover in the center of Mirandela, from where it was rescued by firefighters.

The newborn mammal was located next to the pedestrian zone of Rua da República, close to one o’clock on Tuesday, when Carina Barbosa and two other friends were walking around the place. “We saw a cat and thought it was strange to always be looking at a sanitation cover and we realized that there could be a baby there. We heard the sound of an excessive meowing and decided to call the firefighters who went to the place and rescued the animal”, says Carina Barbosa.

Later that morning, the young woman contacted the president of the direction of ADAN – Association of Animal Defense of the Northeast – who indicated a veterinary clinic partner of the association to send the animal.

“Initially, everything pointed to it being a baby cat, but the veterinarian called us a few minutes later to say that after all it was a baby otter weighing only 111 grams and that she should be a day or two old,” reveals Carina Barbosa, who will soon forget this unusual episode. “We were all three talking about the case until the wee hours of the morning, and with all this going on now with Ccovid-19, we already agreed that this was the happiest moment of 2020 for us, without a doubt”.

The following morning, the baby otter was transported by a team from the GNR of Mirandela to the Veterinary Hospital of the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD), to be accompanied.

The chairman of ADAN’s management reveals that “otters have already been spotted in the water mirror of the Tua river that runs through the city” and that this baby otter will probably have been lost by its parent.

But Tito Resende adds that foxes were also seen in the city during the night. “I myself have seen, twice, foxes at night in our city, on Avenida 25 de Abril and in the square of the courthouse, perhaps due to the confinement we are experiencing, some wild animals have appeared that are not very common to appear in these parts”, says.

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