Big Brother – Hélder grabs Teresa and Big Brother freaks out


The environment is cutting with a knife at the Big Brother 2020.

On the night of this Friday, May 22, Teresa was confronted in the room by several colleagues, who demonstrated their contentment with the way it was addressed to Sandrina, the day before, for thinking that the hairdresser would be talking about her with Pedro Alves and Rui. «Oh little girl, when you are talking about me, speak loudly», said the mother of Tierry Vilson, former competitor of House of Secrets.

After the discussion in the room, Teresa and Helder gathered in the closet to try to resolve the differences between them. «The only people who made me feel good were you, Angélica …», he said, interrupting his reasoning to lower his head and burst into tears. “OK. And why did you change? », questioned the leader of the week at the most watched house in the country.

«Shut up I’m not done yet!», fired the competitor. «See? Do you see how you talk? », Helder retorted, amidst laughter, something that Teresa did not like: «What are you laughing at, man?» The participant from Santa Maria da Feira stood up and grabbed his colleague, who revolted with the gesture. «Let me go! Sit over there. Idiot, man! », shot.

Big Brother had to intervene

Big Brother intervened, criticizing Hélder’s stance. «You have to make space for people, Helder! Don’t you understand that? This is not funny! It irritates. Let Teresa speak, otherwise, she cannot explain herself », asked the sovereign entity of Ericeira’s luxurious mansion. «Don’t stretch!», even went so far as to say Big Brother.

Teresa ended up crying again. «Your problem is that in your willingness to play, you sometimes invade other people’s intimate space», continued Big Brother, addressing Hélder. Teresa nodded.

The two contestants then continued the conversation, with her explaining that she had not liked certain jokes about him in relation to her. “I’m married”, he recalled, still criticizing the fact that Hélder talked about her, «With friends» of the leader, behind his back.

«Whoever talks behind my back, for me, is zero. Go for a walk! », He attacked. «Did you ever ask me what I felt when I came here? I felt despised by many people. Others spoke to me only because it is politically correct, ”said Teresa, crying.

“Leave me alone! O Big Brother, I want to leave here! » Teresa repeated, a few minutes later, the intention to abandon the TVI reality show, breaking down in tears. To Helder, he said: «Go there. I won’t talk to you anymore. Or do you think I’m kidding? I’m not kidding!” Big Brother again intervened in the conversation: “Teresa, would you like to speak a bit in the confessional?”

«You already know: from now on, don’t speak to me»

The sovereign and the leader exchanged a few words, with Teresa in silence. In the end, Big Brother ended that conversation: «O Teresa, do me a favor and come and talk a little [no confessionário]. Then we move on with our life. Come and talk to me for a while, please. »

Teresa got up and started out of the closet. “You already know: from now on don’t speak to me,” he said to Helder. “Never”, added Big Brother, with Hélder laughing. “Never”, confirmed Teresa, who went back and confronted Helder: «Are you still laughing?» The feirense tried to justify himself. «I’m laughing because he [Big Brother] is accompanying you [risos]. I am arrested for having a dog and arrested for not having », shot, in a regretful way.


Soured! Teresa loses her temper with Helder: «Stupid, man! Go for a walk, man! »
Text: Dúlio Silva; Photographs: TVI reproduction

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