Brazil has 965 deaths from coronavirus in 24 hours and number of cases approaches 350 thousand – Health


SÃO PAULO – Brazil registered 965 new deaths caused by Covid-19 in the last 24 hours, which increases the total number of deaths from the disease 22,013 in the country, according to a balance sheet released on Saturday night, 23, by Ministry of Health. From yesterday to today, 16,508 new cases of infection with the new coronavirus have been registered and are now 347,398 contaminated people.

Brazil continues to occupy the second position among the nations with more cases of covid-19 in the world, behind only the United States, which accumulates more than 1.6 million infected, according to data compiled by the platform of Johns Hopkins University until 19h this Saturday.

In the list of countries with the most accumulated deaths, Brazil ranks sixth. It is only behind the United States (96,802), United Kingdom (36,757), Italy (32,735), Spain (28,678) and France (28,218).

Worldwide, covid-19 has already infected 5.2 million people, causing the death of 340,000 of them, also according to data from Johns Hopkins University. After the outbreak in China began in December, peaked in Europe and the United States in March and April, South America is considered the new epicenter of the disease by World Health Organization (WHO).

The most affected Brazilian state remains São Paulo, which, on Saturday, 23, reached the mark of 6 thousand dead by the disease and 80 thousand infected. According to the balance of the State Health Department, 505 of the 645 municipalities in São Paulo already have at least one infection confirmed by the disease.

In the ranking of federation units most affected by the pandemic, the states of Ceará appear after São Paulo, with 35,122 cases and 2,308 deaths and Rio de Janeiro, with 34,533 infections and 3,905 deaths, according to ministry figures.

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