Celso de Mello authorizes testimony by Paulo Marinho in Bolsonaro inquiry | Policy


The PGR’s request was made on the 17th, and Celso de Mello authorized the testimony on Friday (22). By the decision, Paulo Marinho should be heard next Tuesday (26), at 9 am, at the PF superintendence in Rio de Janeiro.

The operation led to the arrest of several parliamentarians from the state of Rio de Janeiro in November 2018. Flávio Bolsonaro’s defense denies the charge. The senator’s chief, Miguel Angelo Grillo, will also be heard on Wednesday (27), in Brasília.

The inquiry in which the testimony of the businessman will be included was opened by Celso de Mello on April 27, at the request of the PGR.

Ministerial meeting video

According to Moro, one of the evidences of Bolsonaro’s attempt to interfere in the PF is the recording of the ministerial meeting on April 22.

The safety of the president and family members is provided by the Institutional Security Office (GSI), not by the Federal Police. As Jornal Nacional showed, instead of firing the person responsible for his security in Rio, the president promoted security.

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