Check out 10 phrases that caught the eye of Bolsonaro’s video and ministers


(photo: SERGIO LIMA / AFP)

“I will not wait to fuck my whole family, slutty, or my friends, because I can not change someone’s security at the end of the line that belongs to our structure. Go change! If you can’t change, change his boss! No can you change his boss? Change the minister! And that’s it! We are not here to joke “
Jair Bolsonaro, President

“For me, I put these vagabonds all in jail. Starting at the Supreme Court.”
Abraham Weintraub, Minister of Education

“What these guys did with the virus, this shit from this governor of So Paulo, this manure from Rio de Janeiro, among others, exactly that. They took advantage of the virus, they shit from a mayor there in Manaus now, opening collective graves. It sucks. Whoever doesn’t know his story, tries to know, that I met inside the Chamber, with him by my side!
Jair Bolsonaro, President

“The opportunity that we have, that the press is giving us a little relief on other issues, to pass the infralegal reforms of deregulation, simplification, all the reforms that the whole world in these trips that Onyx referred to, certainly charged him, Paulo, charged Teresa, charged Tarcsio, charged everyone. “
Ricardo Salles, Minister of the Environment

“So, we are doing a confrontation, more than five procedures our ministry has already taken initiative and we are even asking for the arrest of some governors.”
Damares Alves, Minister for Women, Family and Human Rights

“You already noticed that BNDES and Caixa, which are ours, public, we do what we want. Banco do Brasil, we can’t do anything and there is a liberal there. So, we have to sell this shit soon.”
Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy

Watch the videos of the ministerial meeting

“I know what his problem is, huh? But the bitching all the time to hit me, messing with my family. I tried to change people from our security in Rio de Janeiro, officially, and I couldn’t do it! And that’s it. I’m not going expect to fuck my whole family, slutty, or my friends, because I can’t change someone’s security at the end of the line that belongs to our structure. Change it! If you can’t change it, change your boss! Change the minister! And that’s it! We’re not here to play. “
Jair Bolsonaro, President

“And I have the power and I will interfere in all ministries, without exception. In banks, I speak to Paulo Guedes, if I have to interfere. I never had a problem with him, zero problem with Paulo Guedes. Now the others, I will! I can’t be surprised by news. P, I have the PF that doesn’t give me information “
Jair Bolsonaro, President

“There’s the OAB of life, pissing on the Supreme, to open the impeachment process because I didn’t present my virus exam, all fresh, that everyone has to call”
Jair Bolsonaro, President

“Information systems: mine works. My private works. Those who have it officially, misinform. And back to the topic: I prefer not to have information than to be misinformed by the information system I have”
Jair Bolsonaro, President

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