Coronavirus cases confirmed in Vale and Bragantine region on May 20 | Paraíba Valley and Region


There were 85 deaths from the disease in 20 cities: Atibaia (4), Bragança Paulista (10), Caçapava (1), Caraguatatuba (5), Cruzeiro (2), Guaratinguetá (1), Jacareí (10), Jambeiro (1) , Lavrinhas (1), Lorena (3), Nazaré Paulista (2), Pindamonhangaba (3), Piracaia (1), Santo Antônio do Pinhal (3), São José dos Campos (29), São Luiz do Paraitinga (1) , São Sebastião (2), Santa Branca (1), Taubaté (4) and Ubatuba (1).

The numbers are from the municipal health departments. Despite this, not all reported cases were included in the figures released by the state and federal governments, which have different balance sheets.

New deaths were recorded, as follows:

The first cases of coronavirus in the region were registered on March 18 – two in São José dos Campos and one in Taubaté. In the following days, cases of the disease were confirmed in Atibaia, São Sebastião, Bragança Paulista and Jacareí.

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