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Vaccines around the world have been tested (Photo: Aurelio Alves / O POVO)

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention of China published on Friday, 22, in the medical-scientific magazine The Lancet, that a vaccine against coronavirus, still in the testing phase, proved to be effective in helping the immune system’s response to the new coronavirus.

According to the publication, the vaccine is safe for human use and was tested on 108 volunteers. The immune response created by the drug, however, cannot yet be evaluated. The final results of clinical trials will be released in six months. The vaccine will be the first in the world to reach phase 1 clinical trials – a four-step process that ensures the effectiveness and safety of new drugs and vaccines.

The vaccine is made from an attenuated version of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, and is applied intramuscularly. “These results represent an important milestone. The tests show that a single dose produces specific antibodies in 14 days, which makes it a candidate for future research,” said Professor Wei Chen, of the Beijing Biotechnology Institute, responsible for the study.

“The challenges posed by covid-19 are unprecedented, and the ability to activate the immune system does not necessarily mean that we will be protected from covid-19. We are still far from having this solution available to everyone,” said Chen, in the article published.

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