Covid-19: Brazil surpasses Italy and Spain and is the 4th country in confirmed cases – Jornal CORREIO


                                Brazil had 816 new deaths in 24 hours and totaled 15,633 deaths; there are 233,142 confirmed cases of coronavirus


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                                        <p class="bodytext">This Saturday (16), the Ministry of Health released the most recent assessment of new coronavirus cases in Brazil. The country totals 15,633 deaths - there were 14,817 deaths on Friday (15). Were<strong> more </strong>816 new<strong> </strong>death records added in 24 hours</p>

Also in the bulletin released recently, there were 233,142 confirmed cases of the disease in Brazil, 218,223 on Friday (15). 14,919 cases were included in the balance sheet in 24 hours.

According to the folder, there are 127,837 patients being monitored (54.8% of the total) ️, and 89,672 recovered (38.5%).

According to the monitoring of the American university Johns Hopkins, with the data of this Saturday, Brazil becomes the fourth country in number of registered cases, passing Italy and Spain. Only the United Kingdom (241,455), Russia (272,043) and the United States (1,450,269) have more people infected than Brazil.




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