Covid-19: law prohibits cash payment on transportation by app


THE Secretariat of Transport and Mobility (Semob), released on Thursday (21) a new law that prohibits payment in cash in transport races by application. According to the statement, the measure will go into effect in 120 days and aims to preserve the safety of drivers and passengers.

According to Law 6,582 / 2020, every driver must have access to the passenger’s destination before entering the race and cannot be penalized if he cancels the trip for safety reasons – for example if he does not recognize the passenger by the identification photo. Although this practice is common in some apps, such as 99Pop, all companies should adopt it to measure.

The new law amends several articles of Law No. 5,691 of 2016, which addresses the regulation of the provision of the Private Individual Passenger Transport Service Based on Network Communication Technology in the Federal District (STIP-DF).

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According to the new wording, companies should offer security tools to drivers, such as sharing travel data, a channel that receives emergency calls and an interface with security agencies. In addition, all users will have the option of making a photo available for identification at the time of registration.

It is worth noting that the measures provided for in Law 6,582 / 2020 are not restricted to transport applications. According to the Secretariat of Transport and Mobility, they will also apply to taxi cooperatives and taxi drivers.

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