Criminals break shop glass and throw molotov cocktail with people inside, in Blumenau


Around 1am this Saturday, 23rd, two hooded men smashed the glass of the Octanum Motos store, on Rua Henrique Conrad, Vila Itoupava, in Blumenau, and threw a molotov cocktail inside the company. The owners slept on the premises – Bianca Nayara Miranda and Eduardo Vicentin – and the couple’s son, just two years old.

Security camera footage shows criminals in action. With the use of a scythe, they try to smash a glass, but fail. According to Eduardo, they managed to break down the glass door, at which point they hurled the element that consists of a glass bottle with fuel and a burning cloth.

The fire started to pick up next to the bikes and awoke Eduardo. As he ran to understand what was going on, he cut his feet with the broken glass. The owner of the company says that he first thought that the store had caught fire and the men, who continued to break the glass, were opening it to extinguish it.

However, he saw that they were criminals, and shouted for them to stop. One of them ran, but the other continued to depredate the company. Then he jumped into the couple’s garage and broke the car. The fire went out on its own with the fuel running out and none of the motorbikes were hit.

According to Eduardo, the couple has no intrigues or enemies in the city, and does not understand the reasons for this crime. Now, they await the investigations, since the Military Police is aware. They will also report the matter to the Civil Police. Despite the cuts on Eduardo’s feet, no one else was hurt.

Camera 1

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