Deaths due to Covid-19 grow 432% in one month in the city of SP and health system can collapse in 15 days, says city hall | Sao Paulo


According to Aparecido, there are many more suspected cases of the disease than have been confirmed in the city so far. The secretary informed that the municipal health system could be compromised in 15 days if new measures are not taken

City of São Paulo (cases of Covid-19):

  • 135,348 people suspected of the disease
  • 38,479 confirmed cases
  • 2,766 confirmed deaths
  • 3,143 suspected deaths

“From April 9 to May 15, there was an increase of 432% in the number of deaths in our city. As the mayor said, of the 840 beds, 89% of them were occupied. Since, in 6 hospitals, we reached the capacity of beds operating 100% of the occupation “, said Aparecido.

“Until April 23, we had an average of 812 cases of notification per day. We arrived last night at the notification of 3,867 cases per day,” said the secretary.

“In 15 days, the health system in São Paulo will be deeply compromised, even with all the effort made so far in the expansion of beds. This will all be insufficient for the degree of evolution that we have at this time of the disease”, added Aparecido.


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