Eduardo Bolsonaro uses April video to criticize Doria’s acts – Politics


Eduardo Bolsonaro federal deputy for the state of So Paulo. (photo: Cleia Viana / Chamber of Deputies)

O deputy federal Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL-SP), one of the children of the president Jair Bolsonaro (without party), published, this Friday, on Twitter, a video with lines critics of the singer Rust s social restriction measures sockets by the governor of So Paulo, Joo Doria (PSDB). However, when posting the statements, Eduardo did not explain that opinion was given by the artist on April 19, when the state added 14,267 coronavirus infections and 1,015 deaths. For comparison, according to the latest bulletin from the State Health Secretariat, released this Friday, so 41,830 cases confirmed and 3,416 bitos due to the disease on São Paulo soil.

In the video, taken from a live made by Ferrugem, the singer questions The system of monitoring implemented by the state government to check the rate of social isolation. Monitoring, carried out with the assistance of cell phone operators, was announced on April 9. “This business of monitoring cell phones is a straw. I have to say. No one monitors in the building – where a lot of bandits talk on their cell phones – and people, who are good citizens, have to be monitored ”, protested the artist.

When rescuing the stretch of the show, Edward Twitter ranked at you speak of Rust as a “Ear pull” in Doria. In another moment, the singer criticizes prises of people on account of breach of insulation. Days before, in Araraquara, in the interior of São Paulo, a woman had been detained for violating a municipal decree that prohibited the use of squares and parks due to the pandemic.

“Lord governor of So Paulo, for God’s sake, don’t do this anymore. You cannot ask the police to go after the worker and put him inside the house if you do not have the courage to send basic baskets to help families, ”said Ferrugem.

Beforeand mention the performance of the security forces, the singer cites a “Inverse of values”. “If you can, stay home. If you can’t, go fight. Working was never a shame for anyone. There is an inversion of values ​​on the internet and the media, and the worker has been seen as a bandit ”, he commented.

SP could reach 11 thousand deaths

This Friday, the state executive announced the extension gives Quarantine at may 31st. Projections government indicate that So Paulo can, until the end of this month, overtake the brand of 11 thousand fatalities infection. There is chancealso from a jump to 100k in the number of confirmations. Possible numbers were quoted by interim coordinator of the Coronavirus Contingency Center and president of the Butantan Institute, Dimas Tadeu Covas. Dimas occupies, provisionally, the post who was an infectious disease doctor David Uip. He is away rightly for contracting COVID-19.


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