Epic Games explains why the Unreal Engine 5 demo was running on PlayStation 5


The Unreal Engine 5 technical demo impressed many players, but some also questioned why it was running on a PlayStation 5 – not an Xbox Series X.

In response to the Kotaku website, a spokesman for Epic Games explained that the Sony console was chosen for the presentation because “it was the platform that the company wanted for this specific experience”.

But it seems that, of course, the graphics engine is also being worked on with the Xbox Series X in mind.

The Unreal Engine 5, which features technologies like Niagara VFX and chaos and destruction physics – in addition to the newly revealed Nanite that removes the polygon limitation and Lumen’s real-time dynamic lighting – also targets the Xbox Series X .

Unreal Engine 5 will be officially launched in 2021 for current and new generation consoles, in addition to iOS, Android, Mac and PC.


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