Every ten days, coronavirus reaches 630 more municipalities


Three out of five Brazilian cities have cases of the new coronavirus and almost one out of four has already recorded at least one death from the disease, according to data from the Ministry of Health. The virus has been gaining territory in an accelerated manner in Brazil. Between April and May, on average, the disease spread to about 630 new cities every 10 days.

On Tuesday (19), at least 3,398 of the 5,570 Brazilian municipalities had citizens with Covid-19. Currently Brazil is the third country in the world in number of infected, behind the United States and Russia. There are more than 310 thousand records, but there are problems with underreporting and lack of tests. Studies estimate that the actual number of cases may be more than ten times greater.

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The report counted the disease data until Tuesday.

Among states, 12 have cases in more than 80% of cities. In 7, there are deaths in more than half of the municipalities.

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The North region has the highest percentage of municipalities with infected citizens: the disease reached 78% of them. It is also where the highest incidence of cases and deaths is registered.

There, more than half of the cities with deaths have a mortality rate above the Brazilian average, which was 9 per 100 thousand inhabitants in the fourth (20). In other words, the region, in addition to having the disease over a wide area of ​​its territory, has dealt with very high proportions of victims.

Of the 62 cities in Amazonas, 18 have more than 30 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants. Manaus has 45.8 and, between the capitals, it only loses to Belém (PA) and Fortaleza (CE). There are 12 cities in Brazil with more than 1,000 infected per 100,000 residents, of these 8 are from Amazonas.

The champion of the country is Santo Antônio do Içá (AM), with 2,171 cases per 100 thousand people (or a diagnosis of coronavirus per 46 residents).

The state was the first to have its health system collapsed. To cope with the volume of deaths, the Manaus city hall opened mass graves in cemeteries and provided refrigerated containers to store corpses.

Amapá, in turn, has cases in all its municipalities and deaths in 88% of them. The health system in Macapá has collapsed, and there are patients kept alive with only manual respirators.

The entire state, which has the highest incidence of cases in the country, went into a “lockdown” on Tuesday as an attempt to slow the spread of the disease.

That day, Brazil for the first time recorded more than a thousand deaths by Covid-19 in 24 hours. In the world, it is the sixth in deaths from the disease.

The lockdown, which provides for the application of a fine for noncompliance with strict rules of social distance, was adopted in cities in at least five other states.

Porto Alegre released the reopening of shopping malls, bars and gyms on Wednesday (20). In order to function, establishments must respect maximum occupancy standards, distance between client and use of mask by regulars and employees.

The city of Rio Grande do Sul has 1.6 deaths per 100 thousand inhabitants, one of the lowest rates in the country considering the capitals. It is in Rio Grande do Sul, however, that is the city with the highest mortality rate.

Saldanha do Marinho, about 300 km from Porto Alegre, recorded 25 cases and 3 deaths. The numbers seem timid in view of the almost 20 thousand deaths in the country, but they gain dimension when compared to the small population of the city. 2,650 people live there, and 20% of them are elderly.

As Folha showed, 12 of the 27 capitals have more than 80% occupancy of ICU beds in the state network. Part of the system has been pressured by the demand for patients coming from the interior, where hospitals are already full or have no infrastructure to deal with serious cases.

From Folha de S.Paulo

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