Express Tribune | Director of Hospital de S. João detected error in tests on footballers


The errors detected in the tests carried out on footballers from clubs of the I Liga were identified by chance by the director of the clinical pathology service of Hospital de São João, in Porto. This specialist is conducting a study to identify covid-19 antibodies among athletes of various modalities and it was during the same period that he detected the errors.

The doctor, also a professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, informed the president of the Board of Directors of the Hospital de São João, Fernando Araújo and former Secretary of State for Health of Adalberto Campos Fernandes, who had done the analyzes and detected the errors .

THE Express Tribune spoke on Wednesday with the Hospital de São João, who confirmed that he knew the case but that because it was made unofficially and there is no protocol to test players in the League, he could only officially say that he did not know the case.

Today, following the news of Express Tribune, the board of directors of Hospital de São João demarcated the existence of erroneous results in tests to covid-19 to soccer players made by Unilabs, partner of the League of clubs in this screening. “The Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João does not have any protocol with Portuguese football clubs to collect research analysis of covid-19, and is not aware of test results from club athletes,” reads the joint statement from the Hospital de S. João and Unilabs Portugal sent to the Lusa agency.

In the same document, the two institutions admit the existence of several factors that can affect the results, such as harvest dates, applied procedures and methodologies, equipment and reagents used in the laboratory.

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