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THE Formula 1 lives the expectation of a return after the coronavirus pandemic forcing changes in the first ten races of the season. The green light for the 2020 championship is planned to happen in Austria on the 5th of July.

Despite the proposed return, the races of the season should take place without an audience. President of the GP Drivers Association, Alexander Wurz revealed in an interview with Reuters that there are no oppositions within the grid.

“I don’t think anyone in motor sport, no driver, not even me, is a fan of ‘ghost racing’. However, of all the drivers I spoke to, none said that they didn’t want to or that it was the wrong thing to do. ghosts are ways to get back on track sooner than waiting for tests with the public. We are looking for that and all the drivers have accepted “, commented the Austrian, former driver of Benetton, McLaren and Williams.

Alexander Wurz is always in dialogue with pilots (Photo: Disclosure)

Wurz also commented on the reasons for Formula 1 to return, making comparisons with governments around the world.

“Formula 1 is a global industry, and like all governments in the world, we want to get back to industry and the economy, because people, families and mortgages depend on it. It’s the same in F1,” he added.

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