Flu vaccination campaign on duty this weekend – Capital


National flu immunization campaign ends on June 5. (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)

In the third stage, the flu vaccination campaign is on duty in nine health units this weekend (today and tomorrow) in Campo Grande. According to Sesau (Municipal Health Secretariat), in the CRS (Regional Health Centers) Coophavilla, Tiradentes, Nova Bahia and Aero Rancho the shift will be from 6 am to 6 pm.

At the Health Centers 26 de Agosto, Colonel Antonino, Albino Coimbra, Alves Pereira and Moreninha III, the service, this weekend, runs from 7 am to 5 pm.

In this stage, the flu vaccination is aimed at people with disabilities, teachers (public and private), children (from 6 months to under 6 years old), pregnant women, postpartum mothers (up to 45 days), people of 55 to 59 years old, with chronic non-communicable diseases, truck drivers, public transport drivers, prison system employees and indigenous peoples.

The national flu vaccination campaign is scheduled to end on June 5. During the week, doses are available in the 71 basic and health units of the Campo Grande family.

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