France reacts to mandatory quarantine measures in the UK


After Britain, now France, which has revealed reciprocal quarantine plans for those arriving from the UK, who will also have to isolate themselves for 14 days from 8 June, the French government announced today. This means that if the example is followed by other countries in Europe, there is a risk that it will not be possible to have sports competitions, ‘engines’ included.

The reaction was to what the British did, but France has already declared that it would impose reciprocal measures on any European country that applies a quarantine. Travelers arriving in France from Spain by plane will also be invited to quarantine from Monday.

As is well known, the Grand Prix of Great Britain is threatened after sports organizations have failed to obtain an initial exemption from the new quarantine rules for travelers entering the United Kingdom. Government sources told The Guardian that they still hope that a solution will be found to allow two races to take place at Silverstone on July 26 and August 2, with suggestions that Formula One personnel may still be included on an exemption list. , within three weeks: “We are aware that there are a number of high profile international sporting events that are expected to take place during the summer. These events are implementing strict protocols so that they can work ”. We will work with them in the coming weeks and will present more details at the next review point ”.

As is known, the mandatory restriction of 14 days of self-quarantine would make the holding of the Grand Prix at Silverstone unsustainable, and the Government has to take into account that if the mandatory quarantine is maintained, this will have a major impact on tens of thousands. sport-related jobs in general, F1 in particular, given that seven out of ten F1 teams are based in the UK.
The new quarantine rules could have major implications for other sporting events, including football (Champions League).

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