Gonçalo Guedes: «I told my girlfriend I wasn’t going to have lunch, dinner and sleep with her» – Benfica


Gonçalo Guedes spent 10 seasons at Benfica until leaving in January 2017 for Paris Saint-Germain and it is with longing that he remembered the times of eagle to the chest.
“It is our dream and we do everything to achieve it. Benfica gives you everything as much as a man as a footballer, it is a unique feeling that nobody forgets. It is an inexplicable feeling to get a championship for Benfica”, he told BTV, remembering in particular the conquest of the third championship.

“I remember that on the day of the quarter we didn’t play, me and Renato. He was suspended and I went to play for team B, I’m not sure. Renato had a camera in his hand and when the game was over we started running like crazy people. Renato took the camera because he wanted to film everything. I don’t know if he had any sponsorship or not but he was with her everywhere “, recalled the now forward of Valencia.Marquis of Pombal only once

“I was sorry because I was champion three times and I only managed to be present at Marquês in the second championship. It was one of the things that marked me the most. Seeing that crowd from Estádio da Luz to Marquês, the way it was organized was spectacular because it gave great moments to our families. He managed to transport family members in the best conditions to live the dream with us. ”

The lament to the girlfriend

“The second championship was celebrated on May 15th. My girlfriend was celebrating that day and I turned to her: ‘I’m really sorry but I’m not going to be able to have dinner, have lunch or sleep with you because we are going to want to party. because this could be my last title at Benfica. I’m making a dream come true and I want to make the most of it ‘. She was a little upset because all the women are but then she realized. Even today I am forgiven. ”

The third championship walk and Vieira’s help

“A great spirit of mutual support remains in our memory. We didn’t start the season in the best way in 2015/16. At Estádio da Luz we lost 3-0 with Sporting and things were not going well. The day after the game, we arrived at the dressing room. and the president was already there, we were going to have a meeting to talk about the game. We were all scared of what was coming. One of the questions the president asked at the beginning was: ‘What do you need? Do you miss it? ‘Everyone replied that nothing was missing. They pay us on time, we have excellent conditions, we have a good team. Our families also lack nothing. He asked what was going on for that to happen. Since that conversation we had, we changed the chip, we showed great help, we didn’t let anything shake us. We went to Alvalade to win with Mitroglou’s goal and we did the rest of the games always winning. That was extremely important. , by Mr. Rui Co This and Luisão helped a lot to enhance the group spirit. We had a fantastic group. ”


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