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IFood’s delivery rate has doubled in the last month, according to entrepreneurs

The food delivery app iFood
has increased its delivery charges.
According to reports from business owners in the food industry, the value has doubled this month. “Before, our delivery fee was R $ 3.99 and now it varies between R $ 6.99 and R $ 7.99”, says the manager of a restaurant in downtown São Paulo, who did not want to identify himself.

The interviewee also says that the increase in that month may have been one of the factors for the fall
in the business movement. “Our income for May will certainly not reach what we had in April,” he says. In social networks, there were also complaints about the change in values ​​by entrepreneurs in the sector.

What did iFood do in full quarantine with bars and restaurants running only with delivery? Doubled the value of all …
Posted by Raphael Vidal
 on Thursday, May 14, 2020

Wanted by IG,
iFood said that since last Friday (15), “some partners have decreased and others have increased” in their delivery charges
and that “the values ​​will accompany the dynamism of the market, taking into account factors such as, for example, city and delivery radius.”

Regarding market dynamism, iFood clarified that one of the factors for rate increase may be the balance between supply and demand
the number of available delivery people and restaurants. If there are few couriers to travel between the establishment and the customer’s home, the fee goes up.
According to the company, restaurants registered on its platform can access the iFood Partner Portal and choose to participate in free deliveries.
In addition, iFood says it created four projects to help restaurants during the crisis, which can be accessed on its institutional website.

Bill includes delivery theme in pandemic

This week, the theme of deliveries
it was also discussed in the Senate, with bill 1,179 / 2020.
The text had been approved in April in the Senate, went to the Chamber – where it underwent changes – and returned to the Senate. The changes excluded the theme of travel and delivery apps,
but the amendment was rejected by senators and now the text will go to presidential sanction.
Senators resumed the stretch that obliges individual delivery and transport application companies, such as iFood, to reduce by 15%
the percentage charged from drivers and couriers
for each trip until October 30, increasing the amounts passed on to them.
Senator Simone Tebet (MDB-MS) said that this device had been inserted in the text by amendment by Senator Fabiano Contarato (Rede-ES), to ensure that, until October 30 this year, companies go over
drivers and couriers at least 15% more
each trip, proportionally reducing the amounts currently held by them.
The amendment also forbade
the increase in prices charged for travel, as a way of preventing the onus
be passed on to service users.
“There are no new facts that can support, in my view, a change
positioning of the majority already formed on the subject “, declared Tebet on the alteration made by the Chamber.

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