Illegal immigrant. Cane cutter. Taken by coyotes to the USA. Glover – Prism


São Paulo Brazil

The script for a film.

Those who are watching, do not believe.

It was a long time ago in MMA that Glover Teixeira had arrived in the United States clandestinely.

21 years later, he decided to reveal incredible details.

And it shows how one of the schemes for illegal immigration to Donald Trump’s country works.

With the profile that made Trump dream of building a wall on the Mexican border.

Glover had no training.

I just wanted to escape poverty in Brazil.

Born in Sobrália, in the interior of Minas Gerais, in a humble family.

To survive, he cut cane.

And tame horses.

Until he decided, at 19, to change his life.

And your family.

I would enter the United States anyway.

He followed the plan of many Brazilians who live in the region of the Vale do Rio Doce region. And that consumed 43 days.

The plan was impressive.

At the price of $ 8,500, about R $ 53,000, paid to coyotes, criminals who specialize in taking people illegally to the United States.

Paid in the next two years, with the money he could get in the new country.

“I came to the United States with coyotes, crossing through Mexico. We travel through some countries, Colombia, Guatemala … and then stay in Mexico and take the coyote there that helps you cross the desert.

“We expect the fog to subside a little to make it difficult for immigration people to see.

“My (crossing) was not so bad. Four hours in the desert walking at night.

“But there was nothing like it … I’ve heard from people that nothing in the river, gets lost, sometimes dies …

“It is very dangerous,” said the fighter in an interview with ESPN.

Glover revealed that coyotes said he would have a 50% discount if he agreed to carry a backpack.

The fighter said he did not accept.

It is common, and apparently not coincidental, that many illegal immigrants are arrested carrying cocaine in backpacks. And then they start to be considered traffickers. Instead of simple deportation, they can lose years of their lives in prison.

“The guys tried to give us a backpack … I didn’t bring it! We didn’t know what was in the backpack. Nobody in our class brought it, but they discounted 50% of the amount we paid for the crossing. illegal thing, right? ”

Glover worked as a gardener and carpenter, until very strong, went to train boxing. Then, he decided to train jiu-jitsu, met Chuck Liddell. I wanted to enter the UFC. But he was discovered by immigration and had to return to Brazil.

He believed he would be here for only a month. It took three and a half years to obtain a work visa. And he was married to an American woman. His illegal entry ended up getting in the way.

He had ten fights in Brazil.

With impressive performance.

He won ten.

And he went to the UFC.

From then on, his life changed.

He came to decide the light heavyweight title with Jon Jones, at the height of his form. Glover lost on points.

In the UFC since 2012, he is financially resolved.

At 40 he continues to fight, so much so that he will enter the octagon today, to face Anthony Smith.

Glover was the illegal immigrant who worked.

Your life would make a movie plot.

Of those, that nobody believes when watching …


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