In less than a month, children lose father and mother to Covid-19 in AC: ‘The days will be hard’ | Acre


“Take care of me there with the big daddy and give me a direction, because I ran out now”. That was how Vinicius de Freitas, 33, said goodbye to his mother, retired Antônia Damasceno Vasconcelos de Freitas, 68, who died of Covid-19 in Rio Branco this Friday (22).

He lost his mother less than a month after his father also died of the disease. Wilson Júlio Pinheiro de Freitas, 63, died on April 30 after feeling ill and going to the Rio Branco emergency room. While intubated, he had a cardiac arrest and died.

He and his wife had been together for 37 years. The retired teacher tested positive for the disease on day 3, shortly after losing her husband. As she was in the risk group due to being transplanted from the liver and suffering from high blood pressure, the condition worsened, until she died on Friday in the ICU of the PS, where she stayed for two weeks.

Mother of Vinicius and Vanessa de Freitas, 36, she also left two grandchildren, with whom she was in love. The son says that she dedicated her life to teaching, she was really proud to be a teacher and in recent years she enjoyed her family after getting her retirement.

“I really enjoyed taking care of the family, cooking for us, taking a walk. It was that retired life, ”he recalls.

Vanessa said goodbye to her mother, remembering how she liked to help everyone – Photo: Personal archive

The eldest daughter remembers how the mother liked to help people. He also said that not only were his children orphaned, but that the loss irreparably affected his friends, brothers and those who lived with the teacher’s serenity.

“Gratitude mother for having been the light of mine, my guide, my example. The days will be hard without hearing your voice, not counting the days to give you a hug, without smelling you, without stroking your hair, without kissing you. But, love unites us and our meetings will be more sublime. I love you, mom ”, said goodbye.

The brothers now cling to the faith to remain strong, especially Vinicius. He says that the parents’ life was always a lot of struggle and they never gave up, says that the two together were a fortress.

“I preserved them as much as possible, but this disease took a very large proportion, God seems to be choosing who is going to be healed and who is going to die. I believe that God has a purpose in our lives, so I am being very strong for them and I want to have that strength, especially for my father, who would not like me to be lamenting ”, he said.

The family will now need to reorganize. After all, losing your father and mother in such a short time is not easy. The son says that as soon as the pandemic started, he, who lived with his parents, decided to fulfill the isolation on a farm, but he was the one who provided support, with purchases and anything else they needed.

Even so, she says that her father often went out to the supermarket. He believes he got the disease there, but he cannot say. The mother, on the other hand, must have taken it from her husband, since he, before looking for the hospital, stayed at home.

Vinicius, who had contact with the two, came to take the exam and tested negative. The retired teacher was buried on Saturday morning (23), at São João Batista Cemetery. Her death was recorded in the bulletin of the State Department of Health (Sesacre) this Saturday.

The two had been together for 37 years and had two children – Photo: Personal archive

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