In Rio, detainees with fever ‘skip’ jail and go to hospital


In order to prevent new cases of coronavirus in prisons in Rio de Janeiro, the Secretariat for Penitentiary Administration (Seap) has banned detainees who have more than 37.5 ° C of fever from entering state prisons. Access must be made directly to the Bangu Penitentiary Hospital.

The novelty began to take effect last week. On Thursday (14), a 30-year-old man was trapped inside a Military Police vehicle for at least 24 hours in front of the 146th Police Station, in Campos dos Goytacazes, in the north of the state.

He was arrested for drug trafficking and had a fever. As he did not get medical attention, he remained detained inside the vehicle. O Twitter tries to contact the head of the 146th Police Station, Pedro Emílio.

In a note, the Civil Police reported that the transportation of prisoners remains underway by Polinter’s Capture Division to the units of the Secretariat for Penitentiary Administration.

According to the police, the agents fill out a form from the National Justice Council (CNJ) in case of prisoners with high temperature or suspected covid-19 and drive to the Seap Penitentiary Hospital in Bangu.

“It is worth clarifying that since the beginning of the pandemic, Sepol has been routinely distributing PPE, such as gloves, masks and gel alcohol, to all civil police officers. Other measures such as sanitizing units and vehicles are also being carried out,” he informed.

The Military Police and SEAP reported that after alignment with the Civil Police, it was defined that the entry of prisoners who show symptoms of contamination by covid-19, such as body temperature above 37.5º and / or breathing difficulties, will be directed Dr. Hamilton Agostinho Vieira de Castro (PSGHA) General Emergency Room, located in the Gericinó Penitentiary Complex, in the neighborhood of Bangu, west of the city of Rio.

“Such a joint resolution will be valid as long as the state’s pandemic period lasts,” he said.

Eight have already died in prison

The State Secretariat for Penitentiary Administration reports that, so far, 11 prisoners have tested positive for covid-19. There are three inmates who have been infected and have recovered. One of them was at the Ary Franco Prison and left on freedom granted by the Justice, on the 16th. The other two, one from the Evaristo de Moraes Prison and another from the Public Prison Inspector José Antônio da Costa Barros, are doing well and are isolated from the other private ones. freedom in those units.

There were eight confirmed deaths. Two cases occurred at the Penal Institute Cândido Mendes; one at Instituto Penal Cel. PM Francisco Spargoli Rocha; and one at the Elisabeth Sá Rego prison; one at Cotrim Neto Public Prison; one at the Bandeira Stampa Penitentiary; one at the Isap Tiago Teles de Castro Domingues Prison; and one in the Public Prison Judge Patrícia Acioli. In one of the referred cases, the inmate was receiving medical care at Hospital Pedro II for another disease and would have been infected on the spot, where he died.

“Seap regrets the deaths of inmates and clarifies that the Health Coordination team, subordinate to the Secretariat for Penitentiary Treatment, is monitoring the health of all inmates of the units where the cases occurred.”

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