It seems that Maia wants to sink the economy to screw the government, Bolsonaro says to businesspeople – 05/14/2020 – Market


On Thursday (14), President Jair Bolsonaro attacked the Mayor, Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), criticized him for delivering the MP’s report (Provisional Measure) on the reduction of wages and hours to Congressman Orlando Silva (PCdoB) -SP) and said that the parliamentarian seems to want to “screw the government”.

“Handing the MP for flexibilization to the PCdoB is not to resolve. There are people who are not from the government, who are inside the other House, who do not want to resolve the matter, it seems that they have made an agreement with the left”, said the official, during a video conference with entrepreneurs.

Without mentioning Maia once, Bolsonaro fired lashes at the mayor.

“Now according to whom the Chamber command gives the rapporteurship, he already signals that he does not want to resolve anything. It seems that he wants to sink the economy in order to screw up the government and perhaps to take political advantage ahead,” he added.

Published by the government, the MP authorizes the signing of agreements between employers and workers during the pandemic of the new coronavirus. With wages and workloads allowed to be cut during the period, the government argues that jobs will be maintained during the most critical period of the crisis.

Maia, in turn, handed over the report of the measure to Orlando Silva.

“It is not possible to make an agreement with the left. We know which line is on the left, a union line. It is a line that is not really focused on development,” said Bolsonaro.

Today the mayor is Bolsonaro’s main antagonist in the legislature.

On Thursday, Bolsonaro also complained that MP 910, which facilitates land regularization in the country, did not advance in Congress. The text expires next Tuesday (19).


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