Journalist working in Italy praises Víctor Cuesta: “I would play easy here”


Defender Víctor Cuesta remains one of Inter’s highlights on the pitch. Before the stoppage of the championships due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the player continued with good performances next to Bruno Fuchs, new partner of defense.
For a journalist who now resides in Europe, the player could play there with ease, since it has a lot of quality. The Argentine defender is considered one of the main South American football athletes in the position.
“I would play smoothly in any Italian club. Even the big ones. He is a different defender, strong in marking, left-handed and technical. I would play easy here, ”said Diego Rimoli, a Brazilian journalist who lives in Italy, to Rádio Grenal.
Cuesta was hired by Inter at the beginning of 2017. At the time, the club from Rio Grande do Sul paid Independiente 2 million dollars for 50% of its rights. Colorado recently acquired another percentage of its pass.

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