NASA’s ‘Perseverance’ Rover to Take Coded Message to Mars 03/31/2020


NASA’s “Perseverance” rover will launch in July this year toward Mars in search of signs of life – past or present. The photos released by the space agency intrigued internet users, who found the pattern of the drawings on aluminum strange. On Tuesday (31), NASA confirmed the theories: this is a coded message.

The drawing depicts the Earth, the Sun and Mars. The star’s rays are not continuous, and a space agency tweet revealed that it was a Morse code phrase: “explore as one”.

“‘Explore as one’ is written in Morse code in the rays of the Sun, which connect our home planet to what I’m going to explore. Together, we persevere,” says the publication in the official account of Perseverance.

In addition to the message, the rover will take to the red planet a list with the names of almost 11 million people who participated in the action “Send Your Name to Mars” (in Portuguese, send your name to Mars). They were recorded on an aluminum plate using an electron gun, and cannot be read with the naked eye.



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