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The number of employees of the company Natulab, headquartered in the municipality of Santo Antônio de Jesus (190 km from Salvador), rose to seven, who tested positive for covid-19. The information was provided by union leader Alfredo Santos Júnior. Despite this, the Municipal Health Secretary released the unit to operate normally, starting at the beginning of the week, with a call for untested employees to work overtime on the 25th and 26th.

In an interview to the MAIL, Santos Júnior says that this Monday, 25, representatives of the Union, infectologists from the Federal University of Bahia, representatives of the State Reference Center in Occupational Health (Cesat), of the Internal Commission for the Prevention of Accidents (Cipa ) and the management of the company will meet in a virtual meeting in the morning, to seek a consensus on the contingency actions of the situation in the municipality.

“The situation in the city is delicate, in that, of the nine cases diagnosed in that location, seven are in the company, being characterized as a potential transmission space”, complete Alfredo Santos Júnior.

For him, as the company explains the contingency plan, the tendency is for the local population to be calmer and less apprehensive about the contamination situation. “Natulab is a large company, spaces such as cafeterias, for example, need to be subject to escalation of use and supplied with physical barriers that prevent contamination of those who are on site”, he points out.

Natulab’s employee and Sindiquímica’s representative in the region, Cláudia Souza says that in addition to fear of contamination by the new coronavirus, colleagues still have to deal with prejudice and discrimination against their own family members. “The relatives of the factory employees are being removed from other work fronts and isolated as if they were transmitting agents”, he says, saying that the testing would minimize the damage caused to these people.

“The climate is very heavy for everyone, especially for those who need to watch family members being treated badly”, complete.

Cláudia says that some protection measures have been increased at the unit, such as the use of alcohol gel and distance between employees. “The use of masks and gloves was already done due to the nature of the work”, he explains.

Last Wednesday, 20, the drug and food supplement factory was closed by city officials after four employees tested positive for covid-19. According to lawyer Grace Matos, who lives in Salvador, but since the beginning of the quarantine she has been with family members in the city, the factory closed in the middle of the afternoon and generated a lot of tension, as the management claimed that it could not stop the processes chemicals already started at risk of huge damage.

“The employees were sent home and isolated. The next day, health surveillance sanitized the factory premises and called on employees from other units to work ”, account.

She says that, due to lack of information, many people were afraid for their jobs and the possibility of contamination. “Today, in the city, the tension is lower and the public authorities are measuring temperature and demanding protective measures”, he concludes.

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