Nelson Teich refuses invitation to be an adviser to the Ministry of Health: ‘It would not be consistent’ – Jornal CORREIO


Former Health Minister Nelson Teich, who left the federal government this month, said on Saturday (23), he had refused the invitation to be an adviser to the Ministry of Health. Teich, who replaced Luiz Henrique Mandetta (DEM), in April, was invited by the current interim minister, General Eduardo Pazuello.

Through his Twitter page, Teich said he declined the call because it “would not be consistent” to step down last week and accept a new position the following week.

“When I took over the Ministry of Health, the objective was to bring a more technical management model, which would increase the efficiency of the System and improve the health level of society. Being more technical does not just mean more technical medical conduct. That would be treating the problem of simplistically, “andscreve.

According to him, technical management of the health system would mean management with strategy, planning, goals and actions. These aspects must be based on broad and accurate information, continuously monitored by indicators.

“I wish Interim Minister Eduardo Pazuello every success in running the Ministry of Health and I am available for the transition to happen in the best possible way,” he added.

Teich was less than a month in charge of the Ministry of Health, having left office on May 15. Since then, General Panzuello has served as interim minister and President Jair Bolsonaro has not announced who will be the new name for the portfolio.

Like Mandetta, Teich, who is a doctor, defended positions contrary to those defended by Jair Bolsonaro. He was opposed, for example, to relaxing social detachment and using chloroquine without restrictions.

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