Network goes to court after Bolsonaro defends arming citizen against isolation


The Sustainability Network party goes to court against a federal government decree that increased the amount of ammunition that a person can purchase per year. The rule was issued a day after the ministerial meeting at which Jair Bolsonaro (without a party) said it would be a “message” against governors and mayors

The opposition leader in the Senate, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), said he would open a legislative decree in Congress to try to suspend the ordinance. The measures will be taken on Monday (25).

The initiative will be added to other draft legislative decrees on the same topic opened before the ministerial meeting was revealed.

“‘Arming the population, in itself, is already a total diversion,” Randolfe told Twitter. For him, the situation worsens when the objective is to combat social isolation, which reduces the speed of contagion by covid-19. “This is aggravated because it reveals, in addition to the misuse of purpose, a criminal intention on the part of the president.”

The meeting took place on April 22. In it, Bolsonaro said he wants “the armed people” for Brazil not to become a “dictatorship” if mayors and governors make more restrictive rules of social isolation.

“That is why I want the people to arm themselves, the guarantee that a son of a bitch will not appear and impose a dictatorship here,” said Bolsonaro. “The shit of a decree, handcuff and put everyone inside the house. If he had armed, he would go out into the street.”

Bolsonaro then defended a rule to give a “message”. “A hell of a message for these crap: I’m arming the people because I don’t want a dictatorship, I can’t handle it anymore.”

The following day, on April 23, an ordinance allowed ammunition purchases to be greater. Instead of 200 cartridges per year, the person could buy 550 ammunition per month.

For the project coordinator of Instituto Sou da Paz, Natália Pollachi, the rule is “very absurd”. “His speech [Bolsonaro] reinforces a deviation in purpose, “she told the Twitter. “There was no longer any clear motivation for this increase. In January of that year, it had increased from 50 to 200 ammunition and, months later, it increased again.”

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