No fights, Esquiva Falcão delivers pizza to knock out crisis during pandemic


Photo: Playback / Instagram

One of the biggest names in Brazilian boxing today, Esquiva Falcão looks for ways to knock out the crisis during the period without fights. Due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, the boxer still does not have scheduled matches. So he tries to maintain his family income by helping his wife deliver pizzas.

“My wife is selling mini pizza”, published the fighter on his social networks. Then he joked when he asked, “Guess who the delivery man is?” Falcão and his wife Suelen Marques deliver in Vila Velha. After the publications, sales started to increase.

With the stoppage of several sports and still without the forecast to return to different modalities, the athletes are having to turn to help with the family income in the period of inactivity. Falcão has been without a fight since February, when he defeated Argentine Jorge Daniel Miranda. The Brazilian, undefeated in professional boxing, uses his popularity as a boxer to help his family and overcome the financial crisis.

“My wife is going crazy with several messages on WhatsApp,” reported the fighter in another post. His wife also used social media to promote sales success. “My husband decided to help me in publicizing my business, now my WhatsApp doesn’t stop. Even the famous people are enjoying it,” she wrote.

Recently, Falcão made public his desire to sell his Olympic silver medal, won in 2012, in London. But, while he still has it, he even offered to deliver the pizzas using the artifact. “I can take up the Olympic medal for the photo to be top,” said the boxer, undefeated since 2014.

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