Over 5,250,000 reported coronavirus cases worldwide (AFP count)


(Archive) Hospital staff member Cesar Garayar carries oxygen cylinder – AFP


More than 5,250,000 cases of the new coronavirus have been officially accounted for in the world, more than two-thirds of them in Europe and the USA, according to a balance made by AFP from the official figures, this Saturday (23) at 16H50 GMT.

At least 5,250,658 cases of the disease were recorded, including 339,172 deaths, mainly in Europe – the continent most affected, with 2,003,510 cases and 173,186 deaths -, and in the United States (1,604,879 cases, with 96,125 deaths).

Latin America and the Caribbean is now the epicenter of the disease: 33,719 new cases reported as of May 22 (compared with 28,647 in the United States and Canada, and 20,867 in Europe).

The United States and Canada are the places where the number of daily cases has increased the most so far.

The increase in Latin America and the Caribbean (with 685,508 cases, of which 37,762 died as of this Saturday) is largely related to the increase in cases in Brazil (with 330,890 cases, a number that doubled in 12 days), as well as Peru (111,698) , Chile (65,393) and Mexico (62,597).

The number of officially declared cases worldwide has doubled in one month, and in less than three days more than 250,000 new infections have been reported.

The two biggest daily increases since the beginning of the pandemic were registered on Thursday and Friday, respectively more than 106,000 and 110,000 new cases detected in 24 hours worldwide, according to official data.

The number of diagnosed cases represents only a part of the actual number of contaminations, since the vast majority of countries only diagnose serious cases or are unable to carry out tests.

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