Pugliesi must ‘bear responsibility’, evaluates agency director – 05/13/2020


The party that the influencer Gabriela Pugliesi threw during the quarantine generated controversy on social networks and resulted in great losses – personal and professional – for her, who had canceled contracts and ended up deactivating her Instagram account.

O Debate discussed the challenges for digital influencers during the new coronavirus pandemic and how to continue producing content – with quality and responsibility – during quarantine.

The influencers, Alexandra, Gurgel (@alexandrismos), Carla Lemos (@modices) and Niina Secrets (@niinasecrets) talked to Camila Zana, artistic director of Music2! Mynd, and with Rafael Coca, co-director of Spark, and discussed the role of content producers in this new reality.

“If she made a mistake, she will have to bear the responsibility. There is no way to agree with the posture of a person who sets a bad and inconsequential example,” said Camila Zana. “This loss is natural. A large part of the income of influencers and celebrities comes from advertising. If you are not aware of how much your speech can interfere in people’s lives, you should not consider yourself an influencer. And this loss will last,” he said. .

Coca agreed: “It is in this moment of pain that the reality shock of responsibility comes that he [o influenciador] has on their speeches and their acts. I think Gabriela lacked responsibility. It’s not just for her, others have done even worse. But it ended up becoming an iconic case “.

Alexandra criticized the attitude of the fitness blogger to go against the safety guidelines of WHO (World Health Organization). “Pugliesi opened the door to behavior on social networks. Not only to break quarantine, but to induce miraculous weight loss, a course that will heal your life. Absurd things that are propagated and people take it easy. Now, people have started to open your eyes to that. “


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