Russian coronavirus spokesman says ‘whoever has to die will die, everyone dies’


The spokesman for combating the new coronavirus in Russia said the disease would kill as many people in the country as necessary, backing down from his earlier prediction that it would be “impossible” for the virus to spread to the country, reports The Moscow newspaper Times “. “The infection will still take its toll and we will all get it,” said Alexander Myasnikov, in an interview that aired on YouTube on Tuesday: “Whoever has to die will die, everyone dies.”

A doctor and TV presenter, Myasnikov was appointed in mid-April to the post of spokesman, whose job it is to inform the public about methods of treatment and prevention and to combat the “false news” surrounding the virus. Earlier, he had estimated the likelihood that Covid-19 would spread in Russia at “0.0%” and called the country’s low death rate a “Russian miracle”, the Times recalled.

Doctors treat a patient with coronavirus in a Moscow hospital: Russia has a large number and cases, but relatively few deaths Photo: MOSCOW NEWS AGENCY / via REUTERS

In the interview, Myasnikov also asked the Russians not to panic about the possible symptoms: “Even if it is coronavirus, so what? Of course you need to have a test to avoid contamination from other people, but you have to understand that it is a illusion. We will run out of tests if everyone runs to be tested after each sneeze. ”

After the negative repercussions of his statements, says the Russian newspaper, Myasnikov accused the country’s press of taking his words out of context and said that they intended to reassure people who are feeling “uncertainty and fear of tomorrow”.

Brazil surpasses Russia and is the 2nd country with more cases of the new coronavirus in the world

“There is no need to waste energy and destroy your psychological panic. We are all mortals by the force of our existence,” he wrote on his social networks: “The fact that a person is mortal must not darken the days of our life, unfortunately, passenger. We should just live and enjoy this life “.

Russia confirmed more than 326,000 coronavirus cases this Friday, the third highest number of infections in the world, behind the USA and Brazil, and more than 3,200 deaths. The relatively low number of fatalities compared to other countries with high rates of infection has raised doubts about Russian methods of counting, which the authorities say are accurate, says the Times.

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