See list of Covid-19 cases in BH; Buritis passes Belvedere and is 2nd in the ranking


On the last 14th, 174 neighborhoods in the capital had confirmed cases; number released this Friday points out that there are now 193

Belo Horizonte City Hall released, for the second time, the list of confirmed cases of Covid-19 by neighborhoods in the capital. The ranking brings updated data on the last 10, when there were 732 cases – this Saturday (23), the State Department of Health confirmed 1,351 in the city. The neighborhood of Lourdes continues to be the first in the ranking with 39 infected, while Buritis, which now has 33 notifications of the disease, passed the Belvedere, with 29.

On the last 14th, when the data released were from the 3rd of May, Belvedere and Buritis had 26 cases, while the Lourdes district totaled 37. At the time, 174 neighborhoods in the capital had confirmed cases according to the PBH survey. In the bulletin released on Friday (22), the number rose to 193.

They complete the list of the five neighborhoods with the highest number of infected with the new coronavirus: Employees, with 25, Sion, with 22, and Gutierrez, who registered 20 cases of the disease.

The center of the capital, which previously had only one case, now records eight.

PBH also informed that the incomplete addressing harmed the georeferencing of 22 other confirmed cases until May 10.

See the full list:

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