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The press office of Sesi in São Paulo confirmed to Agência Brasil that the organization dismissed half the staff of sports teachers. The total number of disconnected professionals in 53 cities in São Paulo was 250.

In a note, Sesi-SP explained the decision to Agência Brasil and said that “the coronavirus crisis has punished all sectors of the economy. Sesi-SP has made every effort to preserve its staff.

However, it is impossible to ignore the drop in revenue caused by the economic slowdown, the mandatory 50% reduction in revenue in these months and the level of default, which is unpredictable.

In addition, we are unable to keep sports and cultural areas functioning. It is a difficult time for everyone and until then Sesi-SP will work hard to make the impact as small as possible ”.

According to the press office of the entity, the dismissals were mostly employees of gyms and gym classes and not just teachers of the sport / modalities.

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The consultancy also guaranteed, even without informing the scholarship amount, that about 740 athletes from the basic / training categories (age limit of 21 years) continue to receive a living allowance.

It is important to highlight that in the sports department, Sesi-SP made the first financial adjustments right at the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic. After the decision to early terminate the 2019/2020 men’s Volleyball Superliga, no contract from the traditional São Paulo team was renewed, including coach Rubinho.

The only one who remains in the club is the current libero Murilo. The Olympic medalist and world champion for the Brazilian team accepted a contract with a reduced remuneration until the return of the competitions.

Also according to the press office, other prominent teams such as men’s basketball, based in Franca, and women’s volleyball, which operates in Bauru, have no definition of courts and will have cases handled individually because they have local partnerships.

The strong teams of individual high-performance modalities maintained by Sesi have not been affected so far. The organization maintains strong teams of karate, wrestling, swimming, judo, among others. The Paralympic department, which has highlights with the goalball and volleyball team seated, also remains unchanged so far.

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