Sloth is returned to nature after being rescued by crossing BR-153; Video | Tocantins


A sloth was captured on BR-153, near Nova Olinda, in the northern region of Tocantins. According to the Federal Highway Police (PRF), the wild animal was in the middle of the road and was almost run over. (See the video above)

The capture took place at km 194 of the highway, this Friday (22). The police performed routine checks when they saw the animal. He was captured, taken to a safe place off the highway, and returned to nature.

A video made by the PRF team shows the moment when a police officer leaves the sloth in a tree and the animal begins to climb.

Sloth was in the middle of the track and almost was run over – Photo: Press Release / PRF Tocantins

The PRF reported that wild animals often cross roads to shelter or look for food. The crossing of the track can cause the animal to be run over or traffic accidents. “Nevertheless, the driver must always be on the lookout to prevent trampling from occurring, thereby preventing injury to the animal and possible material damage,” said the police.

When seeing an animal on the track or on the side of the highway, drivers need to slow down and not honk, because the noise can frighten them. As soon as possible, inform the PRF so that the animal is rescued. In case of an emergency on federal highways, call 191.

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