THE BALL – April and May TV payments discounted next season (Football)


Altice’s position remains unchanged: the communications operator will not pay clubs the monthly fees for April and May, during which football stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic and, therefore, for which it considers there was a breach of contract. Nor does the fact that the games of April and May take place in June and July, which were postponed, and which would not happen in these months, alter the company’s position.

However, realizing that “football today is going through a difficult time (…) and that these two months of hiatus (…) certainly had an impact on the liquidity of these clubs”, Altice Portugal agrees to make available the funds foreseen for that period, but with a important nuance, as the CEO of the MEO owner, sponsor of some professional League emblems and one of the holders of the television broadcasting rights of the Championship, explained in a press conference call.

“Obviously, (…) this payment that we will be able to make will have as a counterpart the discount of the equivalent value in those that will be the monthly fees of the next sports season”, underlined Alexandre Fonseca, considering that this measure “is fair” and defending that “Altice wants to be part of the solution ».

The operator’s executive president also said that this proposal “allows clubs to manage their lack of liquidity in some way immediately, ensuring that they are given time to adjust their cost structure in the coming season”.

The CEO stressed, too, that this issue is still in the stage of talks between the parties: “We are available to support clubs through a willingness to talk, case by case – because each has a different contract – and so that we can eventually compensate them. »

It is recalled that Altice sponsors FC Porto, Vitória de Guimarães, Boavista and Rio Ave.

Liquidity from next month

Apart from this kind of interest-free loan for the replacement of the April and May values, Altice Portugal will resume “the payment of what are the contracts related to television rights from the moment that the competitions restart”, which will happen on June 4, and from the moment that «the sports channels are back to their normal performance with Portuguese families and companies», as guaranteed by Alexandre Fonseca.

Original request to clubs

However, the CEO of Altice Portugal also said that on the table of negotiations with the clubs there may be an eventual sharing of revenues, if the League emblems collaborate… in the fight against content piracy.

«We know that piracy of sports content is a problem in this industry, so we are available, if clubs help us fight this scourge and with it increase the revenues derived from paid sports channels, so that we can share additional revenue with clubs. that derives from it, trying to mitigate the reduction of the next season », concluded Alexandre Fonseca.

‘NOS’ has not yet responded

BOLA sought from NOS an operator’s position on this topic and on the end of the League sponsorship contract at the end of next season, but, until the end of the edition, did not obtain any reaction. NOS sponsors, among others, Benfica, Sporting and SC Braga.

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