THE BALL – «Trapattoni told me to warm up to calm the fans» (Benfica)


Pedro Mantorras was an authentic talisman for Benfica that won the title in 2004/05, the first time in 11 years. In an interview with BTV, the former striker recalled that the coach at the time, Giovanni Trapattoni, kept him warm to … calm his spirits.

«Sometimes I would get up, Trapattoni would tell me to warm up to calm the fans … Sometimes things were not going well … That was for that. [risos] It was out of this world. Playing at Benfica is completely different. Being champion at Benfica, with that group, was incredible », recalled the Angolan.

On this historic title, the 31st in the history of the incarnates, Mantorras highlighted the group. «It was special, Benfica hadn’t won in 11 years… We went looking for that mystique. That was the beginning of Benfica that it is today. It was a dream, like Nuno [Gomes] he said, we all thought it was impossible to fulfill that dream but it became a reality. »

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