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This week, in an exclusive interview with Esporte Espetacular, Serginho, the greatest libero in the history of volleyball, announced his retirement at the age of 44. He is the guest of this week of the podcast Jornada das Estrelas, led by Bruno Souza and also had the participation of commentator Nalbert, ex-companion of Serginho in the Brazilian team.

Brazil x Russia volleyball semifinal rio 2016 – serginho – Photo: Disclosure / FIVB

Amid memories and bets on the future, the now retired Libero stated that he considers the generation that won the gold in Athens 2004 as the best team of all time in the sport.

– I say greatly that it was the best team. That generation was the one that marked a lot. Especially that Athens final, it was just a confirmation of what we were doing four years ago. There will hardly be another team that will play and win in the same way as us. I remember that, on that team, the only one who didn’t pull the attack was me. I looked at Mauricio and didn’t know where he was going to put the ball. One played for the other – said Serginho.

Nalbert, who was a companion of Serginho in this same Olympic champion team in 2004, recalled the arrival of the Libero in 2001.

– Serginho arrived in the selection in 2001 as a bet. I didn’t even play in Brazil, I barely remembered him, only that he was a striker in São Caetano, nor did he have the position of libero. Bernardo called, and he knows things, but everyone thought that Serginho’s call was a bet. The only person who knew about him was himself because he arrived in the national team with an appetite, a disposition in training. For him, all training was a game, that’s why it was easy in the game – remembered the captain of that team.

About retirement, so dreamed of, Serginho says it is a dream come true.

– I’ve been working my head for some time in my retirement. I am stopping at a very good moment, after a season in Ribeirão Preto with a very new team, it was a lot of fun, but now I have to think about the new directions. I always say that I had two dreams: one was to be a volleyball player, because of the 92 generation, and the other was to stop – and I couldn’t stop. But the time has come – he concludes.

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