Tupã closes access to the city to reduce contagion of coronavirus during the extended holiday | Bauru and Marília


The measure, according to the city, is to try to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the municipality. For that, all access to the city by the Comandante João Ribeiro de Barros Highway will be closed, leaving only the Ivo Pinto Paredes clover, known as the “Camap clover”.

This is the fourth time that the municipality has carried out this type of sanitary barrier. In total actions, more than 30 thousand drivers have already been approached in the city. According to the city, nine of them showed temperature changes and only one needed to be referred to a health unit.

“It is an orientation action for people, since even with the request to stay at home, many of them end up traveling to enjoy the extended holiday”, explains Miguel Ângelo de Marchi, municipal health secretary.

In addition to mediating the temperature of vehicle occupants, technicians from the Department of Health will also clean cars, motorcycles and other vehicles with the quaternary ammonia product.

“For the control, the teams will be properly equipped with gloves, masks, facial protectors and overalls. It is important to note that the quaternary ammonia is used in hospitals for its thorough cleaning and because it does not present any risk to health. stains on clothes or other objects during contact “, explained the secretary.

According to the city, this type of blockade is part of the various measures adopted by the administration to prevent new cases of the disease from being confirmed in the municipality. Until this Saturday, Tupã had 13 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and seven others considered suspicious, awaiting tests. One person has already died in the city from complications of the disease.

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