Turbo captur, new City and Yaris, delayed Tarek and more


Among this week’s news, a curious effect. Despite a drop in launches, we have many secrets and bustles that show what we will have in the coming years in our market. We see this with the registration of the Honda City hatch in the country (in addition to the new adventurous Fit), the appearance of the restyled Toyota Yaris patent, the presentation of the Renault Captur with the 1.3 turbo engine in Russia, the new appearance date of the VW Tarek, more information about the new Toyota Hilux and more details about the Ford Ranger 2022.

Renault prepares the restyled Brazilian Captur. But as it happened when we launched the model, we have an advance of what we will have with the launch of Kaptur, the Russian model that is practically the same as ours. In addition to the new look, it evolves with the 1.3 turbo engine and electric steering and some new features that we’ve already seen in the new Duster, such as the updated multimedia system.

Honda City Hatch - INPI registration

Honda is preparing a series of novelties for Brazil. The City hatch was registered and will be a new competitor for VW Polo and Toyota Yaris, better positioned against hatches than the current Fit. In addition, the new generation of the minivan should arrive in the country in an adventurous version and positioned above what we have today.

Toyota Yaris restyled - Registration in Argentina

In addition to the Honda City hatch, we will have something new in the competitor. The Toyota Yaris will have a slight restyling soon, with changes focused on the front, including full-LED headlights and a new bumper, giving a more aggressive look. It should also have some changes requested by customers, such as a new steering wheel and steering column depth adjustment.

In search of increasingly safer cars, Volvo began to limit the speed of models delivered from May 20 to 180 km / h. The inventor of the three-point seat belt wants people not to die on board their vehicles and is preparing a series of safety news – watch the video to understand it better!

Volkswagen Nivus (without camouflage)

Despite the current global situation, Volkswagen continues with the promise to launch the Nivus this semester. The crossover will be shown to the world on May 18, when we will know details such as the date of arrival at the stores and, probably, the prices. However, the Tarek project was postponed for a few months, with presentation only in 2021.

Toyota Hilux 2021 - Leaked image

New information from Toyota Hilux appeared. This time, the sporty GR-Sport may have shown up, remembering that it must win the V6 turbodiesel engine and bring a more off-road look than the current one looking at models like the Ranger Raptor in some markets.

Ford Ranger

Another pickup that had more details revealed was the Ford Ranger, but this is for 2022. The new generation is being developed in partnership with Volkswagen and should even have a hybrid version, as well as the F-150.

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