Velvet: the elegant and bold update your home needs


It has been a trend for a long time and it is no less, it has existed for thousands of years. It was born in the Far East more than 3,000 years ago and, since the 14th century, it has been sold in the West. The fabric, made with various types of fiber, stands out for its soft touch, which is why it usually represents wealth and prestige, typical of noble houses due to the price and difficult access.

But we are no longer just talking about an elite heritage. Today velvet is an equally elegant option, but much easier to obtain and even at a good price, since the cotton and nylon base has reduced its cost.

Pleasant to touch and to look at, velvet has arrived to enchant your home. Wearing velvet means a touch of class, but also attitude. The definitive step to abandon the fear of textures and embrace strong and imposing colors.


“It is a visually impressive material and has light properties that make it attractive to the eyes”, says José Antonio de Pablo, managing partner at Manso. “This does not mean that you need to use it in all its glory in any space.

Velvet requires taking into account the properties it enjoys as material and understanding the relationship it will have with other elements that surround it. In thoughtful doses, it’s perfect ”, says Pablo. “It visually enriches an object and has certain characteristics that can create more striking, fun and daring elements, because it has an attractive texture for the eyes and the light.

Velvet shows its texture depending on the angle of light that hits it and, when it is wrinkled, it is also very beautiful. From the point of the photograph, not to mention. It is super photogenic and this is an attribute that not all materials have ”.



Color is the main theme of this material: you can look for impact with shades of red or green, but you can also choose classics like blue or mustard. Now if you prefer not to highlight this piece of furniture, a good option is the color of the year.


“I think that, at this moment, there are no more limits, there is more openness,” says José Antonio de Pablo, and he is right. We can enjoy the enthusiasm and play with the chairs and incorporate velvet in the armchairs to give a little life to the dining room.

Monochromatic sets, to match the lamp or palette of your paintings, are an option. “We have more traditional possibilities, like upholstery in the living room, chair backs, bed rests, curtains or murals. I saw patterns and satin textures that impress on a wall “, he adds.


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