Zé Gatinha wanted more chances at Botafogo: ‘The pressure weighed a lot’


Alessandro Scheppa, O Kitty, had a curious and unusual Botafogo. Unknown, he was hired by Flamengo de Guarulhos, from the São Paulo’s Fourth Division, he didn’t have time to be enrolled in the OPG Tournament under-20 at the end of 2018 and played only one game in the professional: 0-0 draw with Bangu.

Zé Gatinha arrived at Botafogo as a coach Ricardo, but played only 26 minutes at the club.

– I believe I could have more chances, but the campaign at the end of the Brazilian complicated me. The team needed to win the games, so there was no way to spare players. Therefore, Zé Ricardo held a lot. I understand him, even because I didn’t have much experience, he was coming from a small club – said Zé Gatinha to the website “Fogo na Rede”.

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Target of memes by the fans, like being hot feet in 2018 (Botafogo took off after his hiring) and the cry “Let Zé Gatinha in this shit”, the 22-year-old attacker believes that the pressure made his adaptation difficult.

– I was very nervous for the debut, especially for being in a giant team like Botafogo and right after leaving a small club. The pressure weighed heavily on my game against Bangu. But I believe that if Zé put me in other games he would let me loose a lot and could give another result – he added.

Today Zé Gatinha is at Primavera, from São Paulo’s Third Division.

Source: FogãoNET and Fogo na Rede


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